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Monday, February 16, 2009

2300 meter swim

With no formal training plan, every workout is a wing-it type of thing. I am trying to get some distance in my feet, legs and arms before all of the technical, specifically calculated training comes my way next month. Enjoying the freedom to be 'lazy' and just 'go long' won't last so I am taking full advantage!

I felt strangely comfortable in the water today. I swam 2300 meters straight with my pull buoy aka best water buddy. I need to get with Craig and figure out what's going on with my kick/hip rotation that is causing my HR to skyrocket when I am not using the pull. I have spent way too much time working on my arms etc. and need to get back to the basics.

Next week's surgery has me a little wigged out. I won't be able to do anything for the first 5 days as I will have splints shoved up my nose *ouch* and then after that, I will be grilling the doctor to see how much activity can be re-introduced. I am anxious and excited to see how different my breathing will be and am praying this elective surgery will pay off. I guess I will just have to enjoy laying (upright) around, watching tv and drinking lots of liquids!

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Anonymous said...

What surgery are you going to have ????????