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Saturday, February 21, 2009

9 Mile Run at sea level... Breathe!!!

After about 4 hours of sleep and an endless night of talking and laughing my arse off, I begrudgingly got up, said goodbye and thank you to my very dear friend Lisa and headed off to the suburbs. Last night's HS reunion was silly and fun and downright hilarious. I cruised down memory lane at about 130 miles an hour and despite closing down the bar at 2am, it still wasn't enough time with these incredible women. That is a story for another day though...

On my way to my folk's house, I stopped at a gym and hopped on the treadmill. We had a snowstorm last night so running outside was not an option. brrr. I was a little dehyrated and definitely tired, but I wanted to kick some sea-level arse. I had no business working out but with the impending surgery and days of rest ahead, I needed to sweat...and sweat hard.

It's amazing how much air one's lungs get when breathing at sea-level. I love the advantage of altitude training. I have been struggling on the run these past few weeks with aches and pains. But not today. I had an incredible run. 9 miles in an hour, 17 minutes. I started the run at 6.4 and increased the speed every mile until I was running 8.0 mph at the end. I negative split the run and I was sweating like a pig. I felt great and my lungs weren't burning. I think I should just train in Colorado and run all races at sea-level. It's so awesome and an extreme esteem booster!

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jackie said...

you'll be fine with the rest...even I have managed it over the past couple of years.......enjoy it !