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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gym Workout

With a little over a week to go before my surgery - Septoplasty: to correct my deviated septum - I am trying to pack in workouts where I can. I should only be out of commission for about 10 days but to me, that seems like a lifetime. And if you know me, you can only imagine how insane out of my mind I am going to be. There is only 1 person I know that respects and embraces recovery and you can bet I will be calling on her for a LOT of support as I whine my ass off.

My intention tonight was to run for 45 minutes and do upper body weights. I got to the gym, opened my bag and f&%$! I forgot my inahler. No run. I was going to have do something a little less intense so elliptical it was. I haven't been on one in years and there are so many kinds now. I wasn't sure which of the gazillion models to get on at the gym. I picked one that can go up and down as well as stride and worked my butt off for 45 minutes. I was sweating like a pig and I am not really sure how as a) I don't sweat unless I am doing speed work and b) I HATE SWEATING. It was a nice change of pace though from the monotony of the treadmill. My shoulders are definitely a little sore.

Hit the weight room afterwards and spent 40 minutes pumping iron. I love working out my upper body, with extreme refusal to do anything for the lower. I don't want that kind of pain as I am too afraid to even start... I will leave the power training to hill climbs on the bike.

Got home and Mike was making turkey and cheese paninis and sweet potato fries. I devoured them and crashed to watch more of the Tour of California. Go Levi!

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