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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Not wanting to dress for cold weather riding, despite the 50 degree temperatures, I opted to ride my trainer on the patio on Saturday. It was a little windy so I just set up my trainer to catch the nice tail wind that was provided. *cheated* It was boring but with our basement being worked on, I felt it was my only option. Again, I am lazy and driving to the gym to use a spin bike was out of the question and I just didn't want to battle the winds alongside cars. The first hour dragged on but then I started thinking about Ironman Wisconsin, rather my finish at Ironman last year. I got really revved up and starting doing interval sprints and Armstrong Intervals out of the saddle. Spent 90 minutes on the bike and was thoroughly satisfied with my efforts.

This morning, I ran 12 miles outside. It was cool - low 40s and really windy. I enjoyed my Ipod and just zoning out. I am not really training for anything so I let my mind wander and sped up and slowed down when I wanted to. Finished in a little over 2 hours and was definitely feeling "it" in my glutes. I vowed to myself (and my massage therapist) that I will spend at least 5 minutes a day stretching. It was pointed out to me that if I want to do 2 Iron-distance races this year than I owe myself that. I am going to try and find a nice stretching routine that I can easily do every night before I go to bed. Getting into the habit is going to be tough but I have done much harder things. I am not sure why I hate strecthing so much. Oh. wait. It's because it hurts so much because I NEVER do it. I need to make some changes pronto!

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