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Sunday, February 15, 2009


I rode the trainer for an hour and 45 minutes on Saturday - just enough to break a sweat. Caught up on Nip/Tuck and ER. I am getting anxious to start riding my triathlon bike outside but A) it needs to get warmer and B ) I need to get it fitted. I have no idea how I rode 112 miles on it at IM when it's uncomfortable after 20 minutes on the trainer. Getting it fitted is one of the million little things that needs to be done before I start training in a month. Yikes!

Mike and I had a great Valentine's day - we worked together in the basement and then went out to dinner. We had a really fun day hanging out together. I have an incredible Valentine! After dinner, we stayed up to watch the Prologue of the Tour of California. In a way, we're getting prepped for the Tour de France in July. It's going to be incredible.

This morning, I ran 10 miles outside. The day ended up being gorgeous! Perfect weather and the right amount of sunshine. The run went well -I took a different route and it took me about an hour and 40 minutes. I have been noticing some 'weird' feelings in my left leg in the past week: behind my knee and my left glute. I am not sure what's going on but may go get it checked it out. I think it's all connected and so I have been stretching more, attempting more time on the foam roller and trying to massage it out myself. It doesn't hurt, but feels uncomfortable. Hopefully nothing serious.

In the afternoon, I made Coach Howie and his wife, Jen dinner and dropped it off. I met the newest member of their family, Griffin. He was by far, the tiniest baby I have ever held weighing in around 6lbs. I was so afraid to hold him for fear of breaking him. After about 10 minutes I offered him back to Craig as I was fully sweating ... not sure if it was because I was so nervous to hurt him or so nervous thinking about one day having one of my own. However, THAT is another story for another day.

Tomorrow, I have the day off and besides a lot of painting, (the stairway leading to the basement) I am not sure what to do. There is always laundry. yuck. or cleaning. boo. I think I want to try and get in a really good swim and some upper body weights. Whatever I do, I am just so happy to have the day off from work!

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knopfler said...

can help fit bike in exchange for food. let me know.