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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

13 mile run

I was starving all day. I could not eat enough. I work with a guy that manages to stop by desk at virtually every feeding. It's kind of funny but I am not even at the peak of training where I will eat about every 6 minutes. I look forward to those days.

It was a cool day - mid 40's. Perfect long-run running weather. Ok, let's be honest. It could have been 12 degrees and snowy and it would have been perfect for today's run. I am fully cleared to workout as much as I want and at as much intensity I want. Don't laugh - I enjoy long, arduous hours of self-torture. It's incredible to me. I can't help it - must be the catholic school girl in me. I love to be in pain.

Skipped out the door around 5:30pm with Ipod in tow. Hit play all - random and just enjoyed my freedom. It was a little breezy but it felt good to breathe in this cool Colorado air. My nose was ridiculously runny but the funny thing is I could breathe so much stronger through it. Even with the swelling that I still have. I know this surgery is going to help me 200% and once the swelling subsides, I am going to be even more pleased.

The run was completely non-eventful apart from a gorgeous sunset. It was a nice z2 run and I finished in 2 hours, 11 minutes. Suprisingly fast for what felt like a really slow, easy run. Took my time after to stretch out my legs - especially my hamstrings and rewarded myself (and Mike) with chicago-style pizza for dinner. I am pooped but I am so ecstatic. I. am. back.

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