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Saturday, March 28, 2009

18 mile OD ride, 14 mile run, Party!

Woke up with a huge agenda for the day. Lots to do, not enough time as always. The snowstorm really screwed up my week so I had to do a ride and big run today. Hopped on the trainer about 9am and watched Charlie's Angels. I LOVE that movie. Drew Barrymore is badass. Rode for an hour 15 minutes and then headed out for some grocery shopping. Got home, cleaned and did laundry before finally heading out for my long run about 1:30pm. It had warmed up some and I took off some layers, grabbed my Ipod and was out the door.

Had a great run - took 2 hours, 20 minutes and I totalled 3 miles in z3. I was beat by the end -and I definitely need new running shoes. These are almost 4 months old and are toast. Had a yummy recovery smoothie and started to get ready for our party.

The usual suspects were coming over at 6pm and in typical Freisem fashion, I was done getting ready at 5:59pm as Mike was just jumping into shower. For whatever reason, we NEVER have enough time. Grrr.

We had a blast with the monthly tri crew and had some new members attend tonight's festivities. I love our friends - they are the best! We had ridiculous amounts of mexican food, beer and kick ass margaritas. The final guests left about 11:30pm. Late night for us...and I am sure we will pay for it tomorrow. Of course, I have already cleaned the kitchen and put everything away (OCD neat freak) and all that's left tomorrow are the floors. Night!

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