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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3 mile run, 6 1/2 hour Video Shoot, 1900 yard swim

...and all of it equals SHEER EXHAUSTION! I thought better of it this morning and started snoozing at 5am when the first alarm went off. And much like my meals of late, there was second alarm, and third alarm and so on. By the time I got up, my 6 mile tempo run turned into a 3 mile OD run. I was on a tight schedule as I was due at the first video shoot sight by 7:45am. Guzzling coffee like water, I madly rushed out the door and managed to arrive nearly on time. A feat very great and rare for the Colorado Freisem's.

It was a balmy and windy yet sunny 38 degrees when I got to the trailhead. Yikes. It was going to be a long day. We were modeling the SkirtSports Spring 2009 Line as in...skimp-city, sexy fitness apparel. Thank goodness the camera doesn't pick up goose bumps and nearly white fingertips. We shot all sorts of scenes - running, biking, urban ladies chit chatting etc. It was an amazing experience to be a part of. There are too many ridiculously silly and funny moments to speak of but I think the most fun was watching Jess figure out how to make A cup nipple guards out of a 44DD adhesive bra while cutting with right-handed scissors using her left hand. Not sure what I am talking about? Neither am I. It was hilarious! We now definitely know how Elle and Cindy felt all those years. Being a Super Model is truly hard work. Needless to say, our faces will all be rubbed raw with soap and scrub tonight to get the 3 inches of foundation, eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss off. It's tough being so beautiful! Thanks Nicole for including me!

After the amazing video shoot, I scurried up to the Longmont Rec Center to meet with Craig so that we could work on my swimming form. I was already frozen as the day was quite cool and I ran around in thin, short clothing all day but now I had to jump into the arctic waters of that pool and work out. I was exhausted. However, we managed to hammer out some things that I was doing inefficiently and I have about 6 new things to think about while swimming. argh. Do you have any idea how mental swimming is? I ended up swimming 1900 and it felt pretty good with the adjustments. I am actually excited to have new things to focus on because swimming can get really boring if you're perfect. haha.

Now...I am ready to pass out in front of the tube and watch some Idol, eat some 'za, drink a glass of vino and snuggle with the family. What a great day this was!


boulderjess said...

I have no idea how you got into a pool...I went directly to a warm massage table and passed out. I was freezing! That was a blast, those nipple things...like the girl with no mouth in Twilight Zone.

Jackie said...

Are you and Jess going to be 'America's Next Top Model' ???

It must have been so much fun....