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Friday, March 27, 2009

6 mile tempo run, 1050 meter swim

All I wanted was the snow to dump SO hard that work would be cancelled so no such luck. The drive in wasn't so horrible but I did leave 45 minutes earlier than normal. Work flew by as we were a steady busy. I like those kind of days. Nothing too earth shattering.

Got home and messed around with the dogs before heading to the gym. Had a 6 mile tempo run which included five 1/4 mile repeats and then off to swim a 1050 meter drills workout. Both went well and I feel like Wendesday's swim session with my Coach paid off. I have a lot to learn in the water.

Tomorrow, I have an 18 mile ride on the trainer which will likely be inside and a 14 mile run outside. Lotsa pasta tonight!

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