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Friday, March 6, 2009

Dog walker extraordinaire

Unable to work out in any capacity this past week, I have been spending a lot of time walking the dogs. About an hour and a half a day was devoted to my furry kids and boy did they enjoy their week. I even managed to lose 2lbs. I know once IM training begins, that time with the girls will get cut shorter during the week, so it was pretty special to be with them so much after work. I am very grateful for Willow to keep Luna company this time around, as last year Lunz was on her own.

Ok, so I cheated. I went to the gym tonight. Technically, tomorrow was supposed to be 'the day' I could return to some form of light activity but did 12 hours really matter?


It was brutal. I couldn't get my HR over 140 so I started off running 5.0mph on the treadmill. Not sure what that means? An average treadmill run for me with NO effort starts off around 6.2-6.4mph. I. was. dying. It's incredibly difficult to run under speed, especially when you're bursting at the seams to GO FOR IT. I have so much energy and well rested legs, for a change. I was getting too excited so I had to drop my decline to -2 and even that didn't help. I started to slow down to the point where I was speed walking to keep my HR down. Envision the chicken dance...By the time 30 minutes were up, my nose was definitely sore. I walked slowly for 15 more minutes before stretching and going home. There is a reason that I have to wait 5 more days before returning to full activity. I respect that and will abide by my 30 minute cardio rule but will probably pick something different to do, for my own sanity.

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