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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

Today was the 11 year anniversary of my first marathon in Los Angeles ~ 3/29/98. It's also my Dad's 27th anniversary of his 39th birthday. Happy Anniversary Dad!! This photo is from last year's marathon, I celebrated my 10 year anniversary there.

Woke up a little groggy and slightly off kilter but nothing a good cuppa joe couldn't take care of. I was meeting up with the Average Skirt and the wife of We Three... at East Boulder pool at 10am. These women are fierce swimmers and so I was really excited to get in the lane with them and listen to all of their advice and constructive criticisms.

We did lots of drills and I felt confident enough to lose the pull buoy and zoomers about 1/3 of the way into the workout. I was just trying to focus on certain things and simply relax. That made all the difference in the world. The girls finished up at about 1500 and I went on to swim 11oo more, surpassing the workout by 100. I need to keep pushing myself, go farther, get more distance in. This is the only way I will become a stronger swimmer. It was nice to hear that my stroke is much better than last year and that I am not tentative in the water. I am on a mission.

After lollygagging in the hot tub and then chit chatting with everyone (the husbands came along with Miss Molly), I headed back home. I wanted to nap but somehow that didn't fit into the schedule so I am going to bed...NOW! Tomorrow is a much needed and well deserved rest day.

This weeks goals are:

5800 yards swimming
106 miles cycling
25 miles running
and lotsa stretching!

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Trina aka Doll said...

Your comments about swimming are so totally different from this time last year. What an accomplishment. It's probably easier to train the body than the mind.