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Monday, March 23, 2009

Last week and today

Good grief did that go by quickly. It was stabilizer week in training and work was really busy. It's all a little fuzzy but I know I spent a lot of time on the bike, did some short runs and had my first 2 swims post-operation. They went really well and I can definitely tell a difference. My nose was sore after each swim.

The weekend was spent on the house primarily. Mike and I finished up a ton of little projects and I am did some deep spring cleaning in the kitchen. Yowza! I love to clean and who knew one would get so much pleasure out of owning 3 vaccuums. YES - 3!! It was a pretty quiet weekend otherwise.

Yesterday afternoon I ran up in Boulder with the Average Skirt (who bears NO resemblance to Jaba the Hut's sister by the way!) We had a great time and spent the hour gossiping, gabbing and doing what we do best, giggling. Next Sunday we have a date in the pool. I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, we can get some more ladies to join us.

Tonight I rode the trainer for 18 miles. Thankfully I get my tri bike fit on Friday. I definitely know changes need to be made to my aero bars. My upper back and shoulders are really sore.

Not sure what's up for tomorrow. I am doing some juggling with the schedule this week but our goals overall are:

Swim: 5,500 yards
Bike: 100 miles
Run: 23.5 miles

Looking forward to it all!

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