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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One day early

Ok. It was a miracle I lasted this long but I had to do it. Again, does 12 hours really make a difference? I am an antsy person by nature that becomes ugly, cranky and extremely unpleasant to be around when I can't work out. So to save everyone around me, I decided to work out tonight. No. I mean really workout. I headed to the gym where I would tackle the treadmill for 60 minutes and follow it up with lifting.

Got to the gym. CRAP. Forgot my inahler. Old trusty albuterol which I have relied upon for 12+ years...actually, I have been on it since I was 18 but I can't remember a time in the past 12 years of running that I haven't used it. I once got to a marathon start, got about 100 feet out realizing I forgot to use my inhaler and made Mike run a 1/2 mile to the car to get it. I hung out at the start line until he came back. I placed 3rd in my age group but would have won if I had my stupid inahler - it cost me 10 minutes and the girl who won beat me by like 4. Crud. I got a lousy ceramic beer stein.

Anyways - I took an incredible leap of faith and trusted that the steroid I take every day along with all the water I drink would save me. And it did. I almost cried when I finished. It was a sloooooow run with a really high HR but I didn't care. I made major strides tonight. Finished up my day with a 45 minute upper body session. The average skirt has me convinced that the stronger my upper body is, the stronger my 90 degree catch will be. We'll see what happens at my next swim.

Tomorrow I am going to jump right into week #2 of our Ironman training program. I am going to skip the swims this week but try to catch up on the riding and running. I will be in a low HR zone for all of it as I ease back in. I am really excited about this. Of course, I would not encourage anyone to 'jump' into a 13 mile run after being off for 2 weeks but I know my body and my legs (and my mind) and I have to do this for myself. I can't wait!

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