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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time in the saddle

After Wednesday night's run, I was a little relieved to get back in the saddle. My whole body definitely ached after 13 miles of running. I think I felt it most in my upper back. Oy!

1:20 on the bike trainer. Completely uneventful and just getting time on the bike.

4:30am wake-up call *yawn*. I have forgotten how much this sucks. On the bike by 4:50am *still yawning* and an 1:25 later, done. I think the sun hasn't come up yet. *BIG YAWN*

Friday night was a really fun HEP gathering at a local nutrition store and then to dinner. Lots of familiar faces and probably 85% of them were Ironman triathletes. Pretty amazing - a great group of athletes that I enjoy being a part of and am in complete awe of!

I was supposed to do my first brick of training (25m ride/5m run) but I got carried away with working in the basement (97% finished now) and headed out for a 25m OD ride. I chose to ride my tri bike (Veruca) and see how she felt. Wow. I couldn't believe how much I missed riding her. The last time I rode it outside was actually at IM Wisconsin. I choked back some tears as I headed north into blistery winds..grrr...despite temps in the 60s. I think really the most uncomfortable thing about the ride was how my seat felt. Or perhaps getting used to the aero position in that seat position?!? Let's just say I have 6 months to either find a new seat or develop a nice callous. Neither of which sounds fun!

Tomorrow will be my brick and maybe a 1050 meter swim. I have no idea what the pool will feel like with my new nose. I'm a little nervous about it but moreso because of all the snot that will be uncontrollable, with no mirror handy. Gross, I know...but it's my reality. Welcome.

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