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Sunday, April 19, 2009

17.3 mile run

It was sunny. It was warm. and most importantly, it was the perfect run. I couldn't have planned it out better. Really. I am still in shock. I really didn't believe the time on my watch.

I ran in brand new, unworn shoes. I ate pizza and drank beer last night. I tried out a completely different hydration system - the Nathan Speed 4 that is worn on the hips (thanks Jess!!) It started to bother my right hip around mile 11 - not sure why. I did it all wrong. I guess none of that mattered though. I ran my fastest 17.3 miles ever while training. Ever. I am sore and bloody well hurt in every inch of my hamstrings and hips region. Ahh, the sweet love/hate relationship I have with running.

I spent the better part of today's run thinking about the Great Floridian triathlon. It's an iron-distance race that I will be doing just a mere 6 weeks after IM Wisconsin. It's small and so it will be a lonely race that will test my mind and will make me dig so deep until there is nothing left, and then I will have to dig some more and find the strength to go on. I love that type of challenge. I guess it really showed in my cadence today.

Finished in 2:39:20 - that's a 9:13 pace for 17.3 miles. I never train this fast. Not even when I lived at sea level. I always jokingly 'save it' for race day. I am excited for the marathon in 2 weeks. I want to have a solid race and finish under 4 hours. I haven't done that in awhile and need that confidence back.

Stretched for about 15 minutes after my run and now I am ready to PIG OUT. I just love Sundays.

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boulderjess said...

Let me just reiterate something here....you ran for well over 2 hrs and stretched for 15 min.

Great job on the run, yucka job on the stretch darling. Get about another 45 minutes of self care in tonight in front of the tube and you're body/mind/spirit will be feeling fabulous.

Can't wait for Ft. Collins!