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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2200 meter swim, 1:40 OD ride

Had to do it. The alarm went off at 4:15am and I had to get up. It's been almost a year?!?! since I got up this early to swim. I thought I was going to hate it but I got to the pool, sleepy-eyed and jumped in and just swam. There was no himmin' and hawin' (you know what I mean.) No complaining or making excuses for not knowing how to swim. It was pretty cool. A year ago I dreaded the 'longer' distance stuff. Now, I love it. Crave it.

Had a really great day at work, came home, raked the yard and played with the kids outside. Tossed around the tennis ball for Luna and just watched Willow chase her. I just love spending time with them. They are so much fun!

Mike was out on his 18 mile run and so to be efficient, I hopped on the trainer and rode for an hour and 40 minutes. Watched back to back Oprah shows and realized just how screwed up the world is. Wow. I really love my life, appreciate my husband, enjoy my dogs, have a terrific family and turned out to be a really good person (relatively speaking.)

Cooked dinner for Mike and cleaned up a little around the kitchen. I am ready to crash because tomorrow is a new day...and I can't wait to live it. Happy Earth Day - thank you for all you provide me!

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