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Friday, April 3, 2009

2,650 meter swim

I had a solid gold performance in the water tonight. Wow. After last week's swim with the girls, I had a newly found confidence. I felt great, closer to comfortable - as much as one can get comfortable in the water. I am not 100% there but I think I am about 75% there. That is huge. I followed along with this week's planned workout from the coach and was meticulous to hit the sets. The main set was the pyramid [READ: DREAD]. Started off 150, 300, 475, 300, 175 with about 30 seconds of rest between each. I muddled through the rest of my workout after that. I could feel the fatigue in my arms and my stroke was starting to get sloppy. This is when I know that I had an incredible workout! Form starts to fade...just like in running. I much prefer the endurance aspect of swimming rather than the speed. I dread moreso the sets where we have to sprint - when your lungs and heart are about to explode from your chest. No thank you.

When I get home I had a message from Jess waiting for me that said: "Swim my little fish swim....and not with flippers and buoys. Swim like the big girls! Because you are....a big girl now." and you know what? I FELT like a big girl. I am getting so excited for this summer.

I found this blog post from March 18th of last year and I can't believe how much things have changed since then. Wow.

"I beat my alarm by 15 minutes and just layed there til it went off at 4:30am. 1700 yds in the pool this morning. Dreading...dreading...dreading... Ok, not THAT bad but I wasn't too excited when I got in the car and the temp was 27. Good grief.

Struggled with my drills when I didn't use the zoomers or snorkel. I feel like a lost kid in a grocery store and I can't find my rhythm. The second the snorkel is on, I calm down. I just want to be in the open water where I feel safe and comfortable. Backwards, I know.

So, I left the pool with my head hanging low and the worst thing happened, the thought of "Who do I think I am that I can do an Ironman?" entered my head. I know this has happened to everyone. The ONLY time that I even feel like I am training for this momentous and arduous event is when I am in the pool. I can run a marathon or ride 112 miles and never feel like I am doing anything out of the ordinary. Put me in the pool for 45 minutes and I am scared s**tless. I will keep plugging along though and rely on the only thing I have right now, faith."

It's amazing what happens when you have faith in yourself. Just a little faith and a helluva lot of hard work goes a long way...and in my case, it goes 140.6 miles.

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