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Friday, April 24, 2009

2900 meter swim

Happy Friday!!

My legs and hips felt great today having stretched for so long after last night's run. This morning, I also went to PT and had an assessment done so I can work on stretching and strengthening the areas that would help me improve my swimming/riding/running this summer. I also had my Dean TT bike fit - we moved the seat down and forward about 1.5cm and tipped the saddle about 6 degrees. Moved out the aero pads one notch and I think this is going to make for one fun and comfortable summer of riding! I am really looking forward to my first test spin in this new position.

It has been working out that my endurance swims are falling on Fridays. I love wrapping up my week like that in the pool. I swim after work, usually getting in the water around 6:15/6:30PM. I just love swimming at night. The pool is typically empty and so I feel a stillness in the water that isn't there when it's so crowded in the mornings. Triathlon season is almost upon us and there is plenty of time to swim in the chaos and unnerving depths of the open water, with bodies flailing all around me [see above photo from IM Wisconsin last year.] So for now, I am simply enjoying this quiet, alone time.

Main set tonight was 1600 meters in z3. I am still not convinced that I can swim comfortably in z3 for a sustainable period of time so I just set myself in cruise control -more likely high z2?! Tonight's swim was solid and I was definitely fatigued at the end of the main set. Completed out the drills and finished my swim...1.8 miles. Wow, the farthest I've swam since Ironman. Only .6 more to go... I feel like we are doing much more volume earlier than last year. I am going to compare 2008 to 2009 and see if that's true. Maybe it's my imagination. Either way, I feel one million times better this time around.

Tomorrow: brick 34 mile ride, 7 mile run. The weather is supposed to be cooler with a slight chance of rain so we may be in for some time on the trainer. Regardless, I am looking forward to riding Veruca (Dean TT bike) and seeing how comfortable she really is!

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