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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brick: 34/7 with a nice 60 minute T1

Started off the day at 5:50am. Ugh. Willow always wakes up before I do on the weekends. I couldn't fall back asleep so by 6:30am, I had decided to take the girls to the dog park for a little freedom. We were there about 25 minutes before Luna injured herself. This has not been a good spring for the Freisem 'girls' - she had torn her back right paw pad and it clearly hurt. Got her home and cleaned her up. Wanted to see how the day played out and if she continued to hobble about.

Rode the trainer for 34 miles - Mike and I watched Bottle Shock. Incredible true story! When we got upstairs to transition, it was apparent that Luna was in a lot of pain so we took her to the vet. Wanted to rule out any hip pain because of the way she seemed to be walking. The vet determined that her hips are stable (PHEW!) and that the pain was coming from her raw pads (both back feet). Some dogs are just susceptible to dry and cracked pads. Poor kid. She'll be taking a mild pain reliever for the next few days while her feet heel. Mike bought some balm too so we could apply that to both Will and Lunz' pads so this doesn't happen again.

Changed and headed out for a 7 mile run on the Big Dry Creek trail. It was a nice change of pace from my usual 10k loop. We held a steady z3 pace on the way back and it was a lot of fun spending the day training with him (despite our sudden trip to the vet.) It doesn't happen too often.

Tonight, burgers nd beer at Waterloo Icehouse in Louisville with Kelly B and Maggi. Can't wait!

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Jackie said...

I saw 'Bottle Shock' on a plane last year...thought it was great and funny !

Hope Luna is feeling better.