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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Indoor training day

Mother nature hasn't been exactly kind since Spring was officially announced and so today was another day indoors. As are many of you, I am really quite anxious to start training outside on a more consistent basis. There's only so much tv one can watch.

I started off on the trainer with a 2 hour ride. I did 20 minutes of Armstrong Intervals (30 seconds out of the saddle, 30 seconds back in at high intensity) and that really got my HR up. I was able to maintain a higher cadence and work up a really good sweat while keeping my HR in z2 - a feat not that easy for riding in the basement.

Made an outfit change, grabbed my gear and headed to the gym to finish my brick - a 6 mile run. It was pretty icy out and the winds were ridiculous so there was no way I was running outside. Had an incredible run that consisted of some z2, 4 z5 100m sprints and 12 200m hill repeats. My 12th hill repeat was at 7% grade at 7.1 mph. I know I looked like silly but I didn't care. My legs felt strong and as I mentioned in yesterday's swim post, I want to be meticulous in following the plan. Who knows what could happen if I do?!

Stretched out on the foam roller and a leg stretch machine before heading to the pool for an 1150 meter drill swim. Took it nice and easy and was definitely fatigued after today's 3 1/2 hour workout. I love these kinds of days. Tonight we're heading over to our friend's house - The Dickerson's who are also training for IMMOO. It's going to be a fun and healthy food night. We'll also be tracking Tim DeBoom as he returns to racing at IM Australia. He's tough and in the lead pack right now - all of Colorado is cheering for him!

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