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Friday, April 17, 2009

Long week

This week was tough. Mike traveled for 4 days, tax day snuck up at work and it was intensely busy. Thankfully the week started off with a massage or I would have been toast.

Rode the trainer for a 20 mile OD ride. Managed to actually get my HR up into z2 but that feels more like a z3 effort when suffering indoors. Took my time getting off the bike and decided to have Willow and Luna accompany me on my 3 mile OD run. It wasn’t supposed to be a brick but ended up working out that way. Split the girls up so Will came with me for the first 15 minutes and then switched them out so Luna could get some exercise too. It was a really fun workout – lasted about an hour and 50 minutes. The girls are great training partners!

Oh did I want to sleep in. Hit snooze at 4:30, 4:40…you know the drill. I shot up at 5am realizing that this was the only time I could fit in my 6.5 mile tempo run because I had plans after work to get my body fat measured (joy). Within 15 minutes, I was dressed, fed and watered and out the door. I have been fortunate thus far with avoiding the early a.m. workouts. It’s only a matter of time when they will be incorporated back into the schedule. Had an incredible run. Opted out of the hill repeats and just wanted to run a nice z3 pace for awhile. Ran the usual 6.4 mile loop. Typically, it takes me 64 minutes, but today I finished in 58:17.

After work, went up to Max Muscle in Boulder to have a body fat analysis done. That was fun let me tell you. Nothing like having a young good looking guy pinching the fat on your leg... Haha… Anyways – it actually went better than I thought. My current body fat is 20.4% and I weigh 131lbs - my trouble spot is definitely my leg area but my sweet spot is my stomach – 6.2%. We talked about peak performance and power to weight ratio. My goal is to get down to 18% body fat and 128lbs for Ironman. I better hit the weight room. At this time, I need to take in between 2600 and 2900 calories and at least 100 grams of protein (training 12 hours a week.) Nutrition has always been my biggest challenge and so with Mike’s help, I am going to work on it and get better at what I fuel my body with.

Mike came home and we headed to the gym after work. We were both tired and not really into doing much of anything. I headed straight to the pool for my big swim of the week, 2750m. The water seemed colder than usual and I think may have had a stronger chlorine content. My workout was forced and extremely off. I couldn’t get balance, there was no rhythm so I simply went through the motions. I was so happy when it was over and just snuggled up to Mike in the hot tub. That made it worth the suffering.

48 mile ride on the trainer. Unexpected spring snowstorn - one word. UGH. 3 hours of glorious indoor riding after a long day at work. Held a strong cadence and had Mike join me for the last hour. That which doesn't kill you definitely makes you stronger.

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