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Monday, April 13, 2009

Rest day

Days off...mentally, they can really take their toll. I am learning to unwind and embrace the quiet that needs to possess my muscles and mind. As a child, I can remember laying awake at night, tossing and turning, going from my bed, to the desk with a pillow, to the open doorway. I was an insomniac. It was awful. I still am. Even with all this exercise. It's so crazy to me sometimes that I can't turn my brain off - my older sister is similar, yet my younger siblings? It's like they have an on/off switch. Their heads hit the pillows and OFF. What the hell??

So, after tonight's massage with Jess and lots of meaningful thought, I need to start doing things for myself to help me turn off my mind. Massage definitely helps. Relaxing before bed and not watching tv helps. Stretching [future tense] helps. Listening to my body and just skipping a workout will help. Screwing the housework and taking a nap helps. Balance is key as an endurance athlete and I have felt so out of balance for so long. It's time I had me a V8!

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