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Sunday, April 12, 2009

a ride and a swim

Easter morning was dreary and rainy so the trainer it was, again. Yuck. I am getting pretty sick of that thing. I watched 4 episodes of The Office and the season finale of Friday Night Lights. Mike joined me for the second half of my 90 minute ride.

Headed to the pool after some quality time with the kids and running errands. I like swimming later in the day. Mike and I swam side by side,1900m, although he finished about 100m ahead of me. I was getting pretty frustrated because I felt good and *fast* but so did he. I have to keep reminding myself that he has been swimming since he was about 15 and I have been swimming for less than 2 years. Ok, ok. Reality check. Jumped in the hot tub afterwards. That is definitely my favorite part of my swim workouts! If only our hot tub had this view!!

Tomorrow: rest day and 75 minute massage. A terrific way to start my week!

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