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Saturday, April 18, 2009


After a full 24+ hours of snow, I was headed back to the basement. Chalk up another hour and 40 more minutes on the trainer. I am so over that thing. After my ride, headed to the pool for an easy and light 1250m swim. Felt great today. It's funny how that happens. I guess you can't be perfect EVERY day. right? ;)

This afternoon I helped out SkirtSports with their warehouse sale and scored a few more adorable things. I think I own approximately 60 pieces of clothing from Skirt? I dunno, it's probably more. I should count. or maybe not. It's a LOT though...

Got home, scooped up little Will and headed back to the vet. Again. Poor kid has bad allergies to something - her mouth was swollen and cracking and she has been obsessively licking her paws. We got some meds to control it and will have to monitor it. Fortunately for us, I love our vet. They know me very well - I am known as the 'dog mommy who worries over everything' - that's ok though, I don't mind that label. I love my girls to death!!!!

Tomorrow - [possible] trainer ride - I just don't know if I have another 75 minutes in me on that thing. Then later in the morning, my long run of the week - 17 miles. It's supposed to be 58 degress tomorrow so I picked a good day to run. Poor Mike and bsg ran 17 and 19 miles respectively on a dreadmill today. Oh the torture!!!

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