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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


With the weather being somewhat crappy, Tuesday was a trainer day. I had to cancel last week's tri bike fit due to the blizzard and so I had to ride my road bike. Ugh. I don't have a computer on it so I have to ride by time, without knowing my distance or cadence which drives me CRAZY! I rode for 90 minutes and watched Oprah. Very enlightening. That woman can't retire. Not yet anyway.

Wedensday aka TODAY
I had this grand idea to set the alarm at 4am so that I could get up and ride an hour and 40 minutes before work. Guess what? Apparently, that. idea. sucked! I snoozed and at 5:15am, Mike woke me up. I was frazzled, panicked and had to cut my workout short. Ate a piece of raisin bread toast - yummy! and hopped on the trainer. I only rode for an hour and 15 minutes and so I think I am going to make that time up another day this week as I have 2 rides left.

Rushed off to work and proceeded to eat my way through the day. I had several "small meals" which I prefer so that I can eat almost every 90 minutes. I pretty much love grazing. I'm like a cow except no udders. Left at 4pm to rush home, get the girls fed and situated before heading off to the pool for a swim.

We get our training plans for the swim in yards but our pool is in meters. Up until Sunday, I was converting over the distance so that I wouldn't be over swimming the plan. However, I was gently nudged Sunday by We Three... and so now I intend to do all of my swims in meters. So, today I swam 2000 meters (instead of yards) and will contine to do that. I am gaining confidence in the water, all new territory to me. I feel strong, a little faster and I am really excited about this season.

Got back around 7:10pm, showered and rushed off to obedience training for Willow. She just loves to learn and socialize. I really enjoy watching her grow up and turn into such a sweetheart (most days that is.) She is really bringing joy to all of our lives, especially Luna's! *sort of*

I am so ready to crash. I was supposed to run 15 miles tomorrow after work but that ain't gonna happen. I am not mentally prepared for that so I am going to catch up to more Oprah tomorrow on my 2 hour trainer ride. Sweet. I hope the topic is juicy at the very least...

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