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Saturday, May 23, 2009

75 mile ride

First "real" ride of the season. Switched out the stem on my TT bike - shortened it up to bring in the aero arm position a little bit and got a new saddle - the Terry Damselfly - sleeker and harder than the Butterfly that holds me comfortably on my road bike. Of course, Mike made all these changes last night and you know me, I was going to test it all out in today's 75 mile ride. Hell, why not just go for it!

We headed to the Rez to meet up with Jess and Susanne. We left late and hauled ass to get there just in time so we could ride with the girls. The 4 of us headed out to 36 and despite the cooler weather, cloudy skies and threatening outlook to our west, we had a great ride. Love riding with them!! The wind picked up a bit on the way home but it felt so good to be outside. I love my new set-up on Veruca. She and I had our first ride up Olde Stage this year. That road is such a butt-kicker but for my first time up, I felt really good. I freaking love my new saddle too. So comfortable and no numbness or pain. Phew!

Total ride time was 4 hours, 40 minutes. I love long rides. Felt strong today, especially in the second half of the ride. I really want to rock the bike this year at Wisconsin. Afterwards, did some gardening. Threw down 12 bags of mulch in the yard. Can't wait til the back is finished so we can start to enjoy our hard efforts on a day like today with some beers and bbq on the patio...summer is just around the corner.

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