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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

90 minute trainer rider, 3150 meter swim

Bagged part of my ride this morning as I woke up too late. Rode the trainer for 90 minutes - about 24 miles and rushed off to work. It was a long day and was not exactly excited about our endurance swim tonight. Typically we swim that on Fridays but needed to do some schedule rearranging.

Met Mike at the pool and took some time getting in. Clearly, I was not enthused about this. Once I got warmed up, things were going well. Lately, once I get past the 2200 or 2300 meter mark though, my left elbow starts to hurt. I am definitely doing something wrong with my stroke and so I am hoping to address that with Eney this weekend. After what seemed like, FOREVER, I was done. My nose was bugging me too - probably from all that chlorine. YUCK.

Headed to bed for another early start, 14.5 mile run tomorrow before work. zzzzzzzzzz It's going to be another long day.

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