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Friday, May 22, 2009

Killer endurance swim

Ok, so I am feeling better - not GREAT, but better. That's a step in the right direction. I took a peek at where I was a year ago in the plan and where I am today.

2008 - week 10:
4600 yards swimming
116 miles riding
14.5 miles running

Here I am in 2009 - week 10:
7875 yards swimming
123 miles riding
31.5 miles running

Hmm. A little more intense this time around. and I intend to make up every last inch I may have cut short earlier this week. Why? Because. I. can.

Mike and I headed to the pool tonight about 6pm for our endurance swim. I was starting to feel a little groggy and run down, as it was kind of a long day but was up for tonight's 3250 meter swim (just a touch over 2 miles and only .4 miles short of Ironman distance swim.) The pool was empty and I absolutely love that about Friday nights.

Main set tonight? Oh my gosh, 37 X 50 yards. We were supposed to swim 50 meters at z1 pace (slooooow) and then each of the 37 50's at z3 on the time of the z1. So, I swam my z1 50 at 1:06 and whatever I swam my following 50's at - say 1 minute, I would get that 6 seconds to rest. If that's confusing to you, imagine how confusing it was to us to keep track of that time AND how many laps we were doing. It was nuts so I scrapped that and would just swim 50, rest 10 seconds and go back at it. I felt great, I mean REALLY great. I managed to stay fairly close to Mike's pace (well, sort of) and only fall 2 laps behind. I was so proud of myself for doing this. I have stopped using the pull buoy altogether except for my inital warm-ups. Since I started working with Eney Jones, many changes have occurred. Good changes, really good. My elbow is hurting much less as I consciously think about keeping it high in my pull.

So, one year ago I was swimming 3200 yards less. Wow.

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