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Friday, May 15, 2009

Not quite "long run" and an unwated day off

*introduction* That dang alarm played another trick on me yesterday. Instead of going off at 4am it either a) didn't go off or b) went off and I don't remember. Probably b) the way things have been going lately. I have been having a ridiculously hard time sleeping as of late. My nose was pretty stuffed up yesterday morning too and I thought it was because of all the chlorine from the previous night's swim. *foreshadowing*

Jumped out of bed, ate, changed and was out the door about 5:45am. I was going to have to cut my run short and whatever I didn't finish, I would have to make up for in the evening. Ran as fast as I could within high z2 range and managed to get in 9 miles before having to get ready for work. *conflict*

Throughout the course of the day, my nose became more congested and I knew, this wasn't from the chlorine. I had a cold! ARGH! *plot thickens* I hate being sick. I know, who doesn't, right? However, I don't get sick very often so I am really not good at it. I have been taking kick-ass immune every hour as well as emergen-c and elderberry lozenges. Bagged the rest of my run. I know what 14.5 miles feels like - I have run it more times that I can count. I need to get some rest and give my body time to heal. Unfortunately, I had to cancel on my girl's night tonight too. That stinks more than anything. I was really looking forward to seeing these friends that I haven't seen in quite awhile. *dramatic pause* boo.hoo.

Hopefully a good night's sleep and I will be able to do my brick workout tomorrow. We'll just wait and see what this little ol' cold has in store for me. *to be continued...*

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