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Saturday, May 30, 2009

small ride, BIG SWIM

With Mike being out of town this weekend, it seemed a little out of sorts around here. The plan today was to ride 36 miles and swim 4100 meters - the furthest swim of my life. I was nervous and excited..it is almost 2.6 miles. Last year, I swam 2.4 miles exactly twice. Once about 3 weeks before Ironman and then at the race itself. This time around, I am 16 weeks (or so) from the race and I am already swimming the distance.

It was really windy heading out to Boulder but it was a beautiful morning. Crisp air. Lots of sunshine. Had a great tail wind on the way back. Love that!

Dinked around some and then finally headed to the pool about 2pm. A horrendous storm loomed over the foothills despite the sunny skies above my gym's outdoor pool. This was my first long swim outside and I was hoping to erase some of the already created triathlon tan lines.... you know, the wicked straight line about 5 inches down your thigh as well as the ever fashionable tank top tan lines on the back.

The swim was long. 4100 meters in a pool is tedious especially when you're doing it alone. Masters swimmers probably swim 5000m at a crack but I ain't no mastuh-swimmuh. I made it through all the sets and including rest time etc., it took me almost 2 hours. I felt incredible though when I was done. Tired but not terribly fatigued. It wasn't until the last 300 meters though that I solidified my 90 degree catch and I am praying it is engrained in my stroke the next time I hit the water. And mircaulously, it never rained or stormed on us. It was black all around us but by the grace of God, we were dry.

I meet with Eney again next week so hopefully she'll see the progress too. I can't help but say how proud I am of my accomplishment today. I was a happy little fishy! I know once I get in the open water, it will be even better with the support and buoyancy of the wetsuit. However, it will be a few more weeks as I let the waters warm up just a teense more... brrr.

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