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Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 10

Sunday: 25 mile tempo ride and 1400m drill swim. Yard work. Lots of it.

Monday: Memorial Day - off from work. Yay. Mike and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary with a 16 mile run. He beat me by 8 minutes (we ran separate courses) and that was my gift to him. hehe. We have grown a lot closer over the past year of marriage and definitely survived the 7 year itch. This next year is going to be even more amazing as we experience our journey to Ironman together. It's going to be pretty amazing being out on the course with him and I imagine choking back lots of tears at the sight of each other out there...I will definitely be catching him on the run!

Tuesday: Rest day. Going into stabilizer week and I really need it. I am feeling beat up in these final weeks of Base.

Wednesday: 8.5 mile run. Legs were feeling heavy from Monday's long run. Glad to get that over with.

Thursday: 3300m tempo swim. It was crazy. 13X100 z4 at the same pace my first one was at. Then 14 X25m sprints at :45. I actually did it. It took me about an hour and 40 minutes to complete the whole work-out. I thought I was going to throw up but I do feel like I am getting faster. It may only translate to a few minutes at Ironman but that would be incredible. I am working so hard this year on the swim. I know it will pay off on 9/13.

Friday: 18 mile OD ride. Just tooled around my city (town, suburb, whatever you call it). It was a perfect evening. Overcast, incredible breeze.

Mike, bsg and Bjames are in Show Low, AZ for their first triathlon of the season. Just talked to Mike and the weather is supposed to be perfect tomorrow morning. Mike and Bjames are racing the Oly and bsg is racing the half-IM. We have a few other friends out there too. I am so psyched for them and even moreso at the possibilties of the prizes that they can win at the raffle that follows the race. Trisports sponors this event and has the best gear to give away. We're hoping Mikey comes home with a new wheel-set. Fingers crossed!

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RunnerChick said...

Congrats on 7 years! Love you guys!