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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend highlights

After heading to bed early Friday, woke up Saturday morning feeling a ton better. Still had a little cold but definitely on the road to recovery. Thank-you-kick-ass-immune. Mike was meeting up with the Brian's at the Rez for a brick and I wanted to do mine on my own. Not knowing how I would feel, I didn't want to constantly be trying to catch up, if I wasn't feeling all that hot.

It was on the cooler side so I dressed warm and headed out for a 40ish mile ride. Felt awesome. Actually met up with Mike and the Brian's in Boulder and we did a fun little hill climb before I turned off and headed back home. I think I rode about 42 miles or so?! I was on my road bike and it doesn't have a bike computer but I am pretty sure about my route distance. Changed quickly into running clothes for an 8 mile run. Legs felt solid but I felt SLOW at first. Wasn't too wobbly but I think the cold was getting to me. I was fatigued. Finished in just about an hour 18 minutes - quick run for me. Felt good. LOVE the brick.

Sunday - swim session with Eney at an outdoor pool in Boulder. Probably only swam about 1000 yards but they were Eney yards and I was exhausted. Worked on keeping my elbows up and strengthening those lats.

Finished off the weekend with the company of the Gumkwoski's and BJames at the So Sun in Boulder. Delicious burgers, fries and killer IPAs. mmmmmmmmm Celebrated the Beej's 3rd place age group finish (and Wilson's 1st!) Congrats guys!!

Monday - REST and the season finale of 24. YAY!

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