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Sunday, June 28, 2009

15 mile run

After yesterday's sufferfest, I was hoping today's run would go much better. I had to wait around for a new mattress to be delivered and so I didn't get to head out until 11am. It was already warming up and uncharacteristically sunny! It's been pretty stormy lately so I was hoping for a cloudy day!

Ran my usual route around the hood. Nothing eventful. I felt good. Definitely knew 2 things. 1)My legs are toast and I have another week til stabilizer and 2)Need to break out new running shoes.

Finished up in just about 2:30 and was ready for a nap. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Mentally preparing for another big week. Desperately and impatiently awaiting stabilizer!! I am so tired....................zzzzzzzzzzzz......................

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