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Saturday, June 20, 2009

4400 meter swim/6.4 mile run

Again, woke up thinking we would head to Union rez but the weather looked sketchy and I didn't want to drive my ass all the way up there and have it be cancelled. So with a huge amount of HTFU *gulp* we headed to the gym for a really long swim in a 25 meter pool. Thankfully, we only really have to keep track of smaller sets that add up to 4400. Nonetheless, the total workout took us about 2 hours...it seemed to go on For. Ev. Er. We made a few tiny modifications to our stroke, bending the elbows more and it turned out to be more effective, in an Eney sort of way as our backs were very sore afterwards. My elbows and shoulders felt great which means I am starting to do something right!

Got home, made a quick change and headed out for a 6 mile run. Shortened it from 8 - and managed to get some z3 and z4 work in there. It was tough. I was tired. But there was mexican on the agenda for lunch with bjames who raced Loveland Lake to Lake. He did great! We sat around and talked triathlon, as we nerds tend to do and enjoyed our food. Something else we triathletes really love to do. EAT!

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