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Saturday, June 27, 2009

54/12 Brick

Woke up at 5am and was EXHAUSTED. ..so tired after last night’s swim. Not sure how I would do with today’s workout – it was going to be tough. We met up with the the Average Skirt at Boulder rez and she was going to join us for part of the ride. She talked me into wearing my Green Print Wondergirl Dress on the bike. Wasn’t sure how I would like it. Saw 2 other HEPsters heading out for a long ride. The rez was very social this morning…

Made our way out to Olde Stage and I had nothing. What is typically fun and challenging was not at all today. I struggled but somehow made it to the top, well behind Mike and Jess. We rode the rest of the Boulder Peak course before dropping off Jess as we headed out on the Long Course bike route. It’s nice and fast, which I appreciated – picked up a lot of speed on the back half of the ride. Fell short by a mile at 54 (we were supposed to ride 55) – apparently Mike and I have some communication issues on the bike. (I ride too far behind him and so I can’t hear him. Haha) I did however hear all of the guys whistling and honking at the sight of two hot chicks in dresses on TT bikes. I loved the dress and will continue to wear it on the long rides. It’s really comfy not to mention sexy!

The run was torture. A death march if you will… my legs felt fine but I just couldn’t move. My cadence was low. I was slow. Tired. Hot. HTFU, HTFU, HTFU… that became my mantra. I would run as far as I could, then walk a little and repeat. First lap done. Ugh. Again… however, a nice intervention was meeting the Kohl sisters (also HEPsters) at the car before heading out on our 2nd loop. They were bubbly and energetic and exactly what I needed to press on. AND they had cold water and ice. Shoved about 20 cubes down my bra and was off.

With about a mile left, nothing in the tank and more f-bombs than Chris Rock, we saw a very fast guy running towards us, with a white minivan in tow. I asked Mike if it was a pro that of course I would never recognize. As they approached us, we realized it was our coach, Craig Howie. I immediately sucked in my gut, threw back my shoulders and started to pick up my feet. He was flying and I didn't want to look like I was suffering. It gave me some pep in my step and I was able to finish up without walking. I was pooped and couldn't believe that I still had to run 15 miles tomorrow and swim 1700 meters. I want my mommy!!! AHHHHHHHHH

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Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading .....we have a tought week also this week and it's HOT !