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Sunday, June 21, 2009

5430 Sprint Spectator and a date with Olde Stage

Mike and I went out to the Boulder rez to cheer on our friends and fellow HEPsters this morning as they competed in the 5430 Sprint triathlon. As we got to the gate and saw all the cyclists heading out and we drove closer to the transition area, a wave of emotion shuddered through me. I hadn’t felt it up until this very moment, despite the past 14 weeks of training. I didn’t feel it during the 4am wake-up to head out for a long run or swimming until 8:30pm on a Friday night or the 81 mile bike ride during a 60 degree rainstorm with 15mph winds. I was wondering when it would hit me, hoping it would be sooner rather than later. But there it was, in full blown force. I AM EXCITED FOR IRONMAN WISCONSIN!

I have yet to do any triathlons this summer and was dreading the first open water swim but that all faded away at that very moment. And as we exited the car and raced over to the bike exit, I saw my favorite training partner in crime, the Average Skirt. I was so happy to catch her before she rode out and she looked fabulous, all decked out in pink Skirt with a huge smile on her face. One would expect nothing less from her... and Amy looked great too as she has been nursing a bum knee and some crazy hips. I have really hot girlfriends (see photo.) Amy and her husband Christian are training for IMMOO, their first along with 9 other people from HEP so it's going to be a blast!!

We had a blast watching our friends transition from the bike to the run. We got to see our coach finish, 6th overall, incredible effort! Top of the Key and Wicked Pissah were volunteering so we chatted with them and just waited at the finish line for everyone to come in. There was smiling, screaming and ridiculous amounts of positive energy all around us. I became completely absorbed in the sheer thrill of it all and got goose bumps thinking about how Mike and I would be a part of this madness in 3 weeks at the Boulder Peak. I can’t wait!!! Great job everyone racing – you guys HTFU’d on a very hot and sunny Colorado day. And a huge shout out to our teammates at Ironman Coeur d’Alene today – hard to believe we were there a year ago. Time is flying…

Afterwards, Mike and I rode out towards Olde Stage – part of the Boulder Peak course. It’s a bitch of a climb and you will often times see people walking their bikes up the road. I am so fortunate to say that has never been me (even with a cabernet hangover!) and never will be. We were going to do some repeats and then call it a day. It was just 7 days ago that we ran a marathon but that seemed forever ago at this point. Legs were feeling good. I knew for sure we were going up it twice, but then we would get to the top and Mike would ask, “wanna go again?” and of course I would answer “sure.” So, we did that 4 times and then headed up and over, dropping into Left Hand, then 36 back to the rez.

It was an incredible day. It made me miss competing in triathlon so much and I am psyched to get to the open water this week for the swim. That is what makes it all real.

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