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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Big day today, it's Brickday. My favorite day of the week, which only falls every other. 50 mile ride followed by a 10 mile run. I love training 2 disciplines back to back, but more importantly, I love running after a nice, lengthy ride. Muscles are so nice and loose and warmed up with no chance of blowing out the first few miles from running too fast. For me, that is virtually impossible.

Rode an out and back, straight out into the wind, with a nice tailwind on the way back. Weather was perfect and I averaged 17.6mph. I was ecstatic with that as I typically come home and frown at the 15.9mph that always stares up at me from the computer.

Full on outfit change into the Lime Green print Wondergirl Running Dress. It's a hot little outfit that is so ridiculously comfortable that I don't think I will ever run in anything else again, ever! Makes me feel gorgeous and fast and tough. I know I get the stink eye from the occasional hillbilly in my neighborhood that sits in his old-school folding lawnchair with a cigarette and red plastic cup that I know doesn't contain apple juice as he miserably watches his kids play IN the street wondering why the hell his wife doesn't a wear dress like this, but in the kitchen, not working out, but I don't care. I am an Ironman (and I'm sure he doesn't know what that is either but still, I really don't care!)

Ran 10 miles out and back too, right into the wind, uphill so that I could lollygag my way back. Finished around 1:40 - totally average run and felt much stronger from mile 6 on. It takes almost that long for me to really get my running legs under me. Had some solid z3 efforts today and am now ready for the reward. PIZZA AND BEER!

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RunnerChick said...

Pizza and beer. My kinda training day! Way to go girl! You are going to rock Wisconsin!