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Friday, June 19, 2009

It's a no go.

So, last night, Mike gets all the way to Longmont and I'm about 8 minutes away when he calls me and says "Wrong night, they changed the open water swim nights." Somewhat annoying but considering it was going to storm and I was late (shocking, I know!), it was cool. We met at the gym and swam 3600 meters in the outside pool as our area managed to avoid the lightning and rain. It was long and tedious but we got it done. I like swimming with Mike next to me. There is definitely a feeling of comfort and safety when he's around. Looking forward to treading the waters with him at Wisconsin before the start.

Today, I ran 5 miles EASY. Took me about 52 minutes as I am still recovering from the marathon. Looking forward to a fun weekend. We've got lots going on!

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