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Monday, June 8, 2009

Long ride

Lately, I seem to be dead wrong on picking the best days for our long rides. I played hookie from work (took a real vacation day and didn't lie about being sick thankyouverymuch) and Mike and I headed out early for an 82 mile ride. It was super sunny and cheerful as I was sitting at my laptop at 6:30am drinking a cup of coffee but when we got dressed and headed out, well, it was suddenly less cheerful and seemingly more ominous as we headed towards the dark skies. We got no more than a mile from home before we turned around to get gloves. Thank goodness we did.

It was windy and cool as we made our way to Boulder, up Olde Stage, then Lee Hill before arriving to our final destination, Lefthand Canyon. We endured some light rains and some windy roads before getting to the turn-around point, which by the way was completely clear and sunny. On the backside of Lee Hill, it was torturous. I had no back brakes (probably should have taken care of that BEFORE this summer!) The descent is so steep and typically I thrive on riding fast but it was raining - hard at this point and really cold and with no back brakes, well, it was frightening. I thought I might have to get off and walk at one point because I was squeezing the brakes so tight and wasn't really slowing down. My triceps were so sore!

I was freezing. Wet. Tired. Felt like a drowned rat. We stopped at Amante in Boulder, a local hotspot for cyclists and got some hot chocolate and biscotti before finishing up our day. We left about 8am and got back around 3pm. It was a long day and I only got 81.1 miles in but about 4,000 feet of climbing. I didn't have it in me to circle the neighborhood for the .9 miles. Screw it.

It was a grrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaat ride, full of loads of swear words and fists pumps to the sky. Next time, I am going to pay a little more attention to the weather channel... but then again, this could be race day! HTFU.

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