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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Needin' some repair work done

Gosh, these past few days have been painful. I completely fried my quads on Sunday. I have dreaded going down the stairs at all costs and the thought of running right now, is well, repulsive. Tuesday night, I spun out the legs on my road bike in the basement. I was in a nice, low heart rate zone and in the easy chain ring. I may have gone about 13 miles.

Last night, I rode about 24 miles, easily through my town, meeting up with another HEPsters and 1st time Ironman –in-training, Amy D. We talked about road rage and violent and impatient drivers that scare us to death. We avoided the busy streets and just shot the breeze. It was a fun, recovery ride and one I probably would have skipped had I not met up with her. Came home to a killer mexican pizza!

Tonight, Mike and I are heading to Union rez for my first open water swim of the season. I tried on my new long sleeved Zoot wetsuit last night. I was definitely feeling a bit of anxiety as I pulled the sleeves up – a sensation that I am very unfamiliar with. I struggled some and had a bit of panic but I know this is normal and am looking forward to conquering that fear tonight. Hopefully the lightning will stay away long enough for us to finish our workout.

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