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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Simulated Napa Valley Tour Brick

After having a lovely ladies evening last night at psg's, (too lovely in fact, eating cheese and grapes and drinking delicious red wine) I headed to the Rez to meet up with the Average Skirt for a brick at 9am. Although I was up well before 6am (thanks puppy), I was not physically rested or hydrated enough for our very small, but what seemed like endless, 28m ride/5m run brick. We had fun though as we crawled up Olde Stage praying to the cycling gods to keep our pedals turning over and our bikes from tipping over, as well praying to the running gods to keep our breakfast where it belonged, in our bellies. It was one of those moments that you told yourself when finished, “if I could do this, I could do ANYTHING” but I will definitely NEVER do it this way again.

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