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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Swimming with Eney

Mike and I met up with Eney Jones today at Rallysport in Boulder. The original plan was to work with her for hour and then finish up our workout on our own. However, she is such a giver, and she stayed with us to the bitter end.

We spent a lot of time on drills, working out that 90 degree catch we are so desparate to nail and really focusing on form. She videotaped some of the workout and I was really happy when I watched it back. Moreso, pleasantly surprised. I have "evened" out my arms stroking out of the water. Before, the right one would lollygag daintily while making it's resurgance into the water while the left one was the torpedo. Progress! She has made such a difference in our swimming. We are going to continue to work with her through Ironman.

Afterwards, we headed over to an awesome Italian deli, Salvaggio's and chowed down on some Italian subs. Delisioza!

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