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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

1900 meter swim, 36 mile ride and a lil' dancin'

5am came way too early today. Restless, sleepless night -that's typical when Mike's out of town. Despite the reluctance on my body's part to wake up, my mind was 2 steps ahead and if I didn't get up, I wouldn't be able to make up this swim this week. I made a commitment to myself after the Peak that I wanted to complete 90-100% of my training plan this week. I have been slacking off (as much as someone like me can) and I just want to feel whole I guess by doing everything that's on that stupid schedule on my fridge.

1900 meter drill swim. Went by quickly and easily. I definitely am at the point where I am dreading pool swims. I have found a very fresh and newfound love of the open water. It's crazy.

Work seemed to drag on and when 4pm rolled around, I was quick to exit and get home so I could get ready for my ride. Tooled around a bit before finally heading out at 5:45pm. It was hot and sunny and not very windy.

I felt pretty annoyed for the entire 36 miles. Nothing was comfortable. My seat was bugging me, my shorts were irritating me, my shoulder blades were burning and I managed to get pelted about one zillion times by very large bugs. I was itchy too- probably my allergies. I was just so happy to be done! When I got home, Mike had a wonderful dinner ready for me - grilled fish, rice and tomato salad. Thanks babe!

Afterwards we watched one of my summer favorites, So You Think You Can Dance. Definitely eyeballing some of the choreography for my IM Finish line moves...watch out Madison! This girl's got FUNK!

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Mountains, Triathlons, Dogs, and Family! said...

I wish I could see some of those moves, but you'll be in before me... :-) Make sure someone videos it!

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