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Sunday, July 19, 2009

20 Mile OD Ride, Swim with Eney!

After yesterday's hellacious brick, was looking forward to a light training day. Woke up early, despite being wiped out and still tired and got the show on the road. Had a swim lesson with Eney at noon so I wanted to knock my ride out so I could relax a little before heading to the pool in Boulder.

Had a great ride. Felt good to spin out the legs and was still comfortable on the bike after yesterday's 60 mile ride. It was a gorgeous morning.

Mike and I met with Eney at noon and I was really excited to see her. It's been over a month since our last session so I was hoping she would actually see my progress. She did! That was so exciting for me! Mike and I swear up and down when we have our own child, they will know how to swim before they can walk. Learning this shit at my age sucks!! We only swam about 1600 yards but I was exhausted when we finished. We did some land work too on our lats/back and I am really sore. This, according to Eney, is a really good thing!

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