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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

3150m tempo swim

So excited for my legs - they got a break today!! I really look forward to swimming lately. I get to really hammer on my upper body and give the old legs and feet a rest. Debated on heading out to Union rez but with the sketchy late afternoon skies, I headed to the pool.

It turned out to be quite nice so I swam outside. I am really beginning to love tempo swims. They force me to swim outside of my comfort zone - and let me tell you, that zone is HUGE. I need to get comfortable with pushing myself in the water, knowing that it's OK to have a higher HR and that I'm safe. I am teaching myself to slow down, instead of stop. I am also working on adjusting where I want my head placed. Trying to figure out what's most efficient for ME.

I was really happy with tonight's swim and am super excited for tomorrow's Stroke n' Stride. My first one of the year. I am really hoping my swim time improves over last year!!

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