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Friday, July 17, 2009

3350 meter swim

Tonight's intention was a 4300 meter swim- get it over with for the week. However, plans quickly changed when I got to the locker room only to discover I had forgotten my inhaler. F**k. This meant a slow and short workout. I also had a 3300 meter swim for the week so I would shoot for that.

I have severe chronic asthma but it very rarely affects me or my training if I am religious in prevention. I take zyrtec and advair daily to prevent any flare-ups. If I forget either one or both for more than a day or two, I can tell and I will start wheezing. It pretty much sucks and I have had to deal with the severe side of it for the past 12 years although I was diagnosed with exercise induced astha almost 20 years ago. I don't let it get in my way of doing anything active but I absolutely must stay on top of it. I read a book by an Indian doctor that says he believes it can actually be treated with drinking more water and eating sea salt but I am so scared to try that. I have at least 3 albuterol inhalers laying around at all times because I just never know when I might need "a puff." Sounds like an addiction, right? It can be. The one thing that can almost assuredly kill me if I didn't have my medicine is cats. Oh. my. god. I think my biggest nightmare/fear of all time would be to be stuck in a room full of cats with no door or window. They are cute but being around them really could harm me. This summer hasn't helped with all the extra rain and the high pollen and rag weed content in the air either. I have only let this get me down a few times with full on meltdowns and "why me" crying episodes but just like everything else, I accept it and try to move on. Which is what I did tonight.

My chest really started to tighten up after about 15 minutes but I totally sucked it up, pretended like I was at really high altitude and kept swimming but pulled with a buoy the whole way. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. There is no way I could have done this workout if I had to kick. Which is TOTALLY fine since I really don't do that anyways! HA!

Ended up swimming 3350m and raced out of there to come home to a wonderful meal cooked by my wonderful husband - grilled steak and bow tie pasta with sauteed spinach, garlic and tomatoes. Thanks babe!!! Big brick tomorrow and I intend to be out the door at 6am with inhaler in hand!

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