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Saturday, July 18, 2009

60/14 Brick

5am and I was up. Crazy to think I prefer getting up earlier on the weekends then I do during the week but when it's going to hit mid-90s for a big training day, well, that's just how it has to be. I was out the door by 6:15am and it was a beautiful morning.

Ventured out towards Boulder and it was a little windy. Absolutely loving this quiet time of the morning, I made my way past the rez on 63rd and then up Nelson to 65th to Valmont. A group of about 9 triathletes passed me and I am pretty sure the Lovato's were leading that crew. I absolutely SUCK at ID'ing professional athletes - could have used your help beej. Stopped off at the Hygiene store and it was absolutely packed and it was only about 8am, bikes everywhere.

On my way back, I saw Mike on 63rd so we stopped to talk about our rides. He was riding much faster than I was at I looked down at my bike computer and saw 16.3mph. Not sure why but I got a little frustrated with myself and decided 'that's it, I am SICK of being slow girl.' With a new plan in mind, I headed back home. Rode up to another HEPster, Temple, and flashed her a big fat smile as I knew she had an even bigger brick 72/17. She looked a lot surprised to see me and we chatted a bit before parting ways.

Rode my ass off and kept a high cadence all the way home. Checked my computer again and was much happier this time with the number - 17.1 mph. This made me happy and something I am going to continue to strive to do. I want to be a 17-18mph rider and I really just need to push myself. My HR was totally under control so clearly, I was lacking effort/motivation - bottom line.

Transitioned for the run and it was already warm. My legs were feeling pretty good. Much better than they did for my 18 mile run just 2 days earlier. Ran a 6.2 mile loop and then an 8 mile out and back. I really started to suffer on the out and back. It was so hot and I was completely exposed to the sun. I began to walk a little, run a lot, walk a little, run a lot and did this all the way home. Funny thing, my legs felt OK but it was so hot that I just felt drained. I couldn't dump water on my head to keep cool so I just had to deal with it and make a new plan every few miles. However, I was still totally happy walking - it didn't matter. What mattered was moving forward, one step at a time. That was the easy part!

Got home and was quite happy to be done. My legs were throbbing. Mike came home shortly after and went right to the store for more ice. We are addicted to ICE BATHS!!! Spent of the rest of the day eating, relaxing and watching the rest of Season 1 - Weeds. Awesome Saturday!!


KK said...

Great job pushing yourself through that tough workout, Kristina! You are a machine. And I like how you challenged yourself to pick up the pace on the bike-you are very inspiring.

FYI, EVERY single workout I've done this year in temps over 90 I have felt like I was dying a slow death the entire time. Those temps just beat you down like nobody's business. But I like your determination to just keep pushing forward to get it done. Awesome! Cheers to relaxing after the hard work!

chicagobakerswife.wordpress.com said...

WAY TO GO, Kristina!!

knopfler said...

I wouldn't sacrifice speed for high cadence.

power to the pedals, girl.