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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

8 mile OD run and massage

Great run this morning. Running only off of feel right now as my HR monitor is continually lying to me. Talked with Craig and he said I most likely have a depressed heart rate right now. Need to do some more research on it but basically the effort I am putting out is not matching what my heart rate should be. It's ok though. Just working through it all.

Had an incredible massage tonight from Magic Hands. She worked through some serious knots in my calves, glutes and upper back. I can't imagine my life without massage and one day Mike and I will be on the fast track and will be able to afford one every week but until then, every three. Feeling ready for the rest of my week, biggest one yet.

Tomorrow - 1900m swim, 36 mile ride
Thursday - 18 mile run
Friday - 4300m swim
Saturday - 60/14 brick
Sunday - 3300m swim, 21 mile ride

Oh yeah...we're almost to Peak. Thank you geezus!!

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