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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Boulder Peak!

It was a beautiful day for a race! Skies were blue with some nice cloud coverage which meant NO rain and NO crazy heat. I was so excited when I woke up this morning. I had gotten everything prepared early yesterday so all we had to do was eat, get dressed and get to the rez.

We arrived and I just absolutely love the energy that comes with race morning. The transition area was full (remember, we’re always late) and everyone was getting ready to head to the water. I quickly set up my transition and got into my wetsuit so I could warm up. Saw many friends along the way – I just love our triathlon community. There were athletes everywhere and I just love the sight of black wetsuits and multiple colored swim caps. I got the chills as I headed into the water to warm-up. Got a ways out, stopped and knew that the Average Skirt was near. Not sure how but I looked to my left and there she was, bobbing around too. We warmed up some more before making our way to the start area.

Swim – 1500m (give or take 100+ meters)
I was so calm and relaxed and ready. I knew it was going to be an incredible swim. They called out for us to start and off we were. I was so far on the inside, about 3 or 4 rows back and had a perfect spot. I went out for about 20 minutes or so before I saw the first person (to my left as I only breathe that way) and maybe had 3 or 4 encounters with someone brushing up against me. I definitely owned my swim space. I have spent a lot of time sighting and keeping a straight and short swim course and its clearly working. Exited the beach and saw my watch – somewhere around 35:50 – whuh?? That was slower than I hoped. Come to find out EVERYONE thinks the swim was long so that made me feel a little better. The best feeling of all was getting to my wave area and not being the last bike. VICTORY.

T1 – nothing short of a disaster
Wow. I need some serious help here. I know exactly what went wrong and how to improve. I love that I can always learn something. Next time I'll leave the make-up and curlers at home, stop the chitchat and ditch the wine too. Geesh!

Ride – 42K (25 miles)
Heading out of the rez, I noticed I had no MPH or time reading on my bike computer, only RPMs. I stopped and fixed the magnet on my rear wheel because I needed to know how fast I was going. There is a speed zone coming down Old Stage and I didn’t want to get dq’d for going too fast. Made my way out Jay Rd, then 36 and up Lee Hill. Spinning in the small chain ring, I felt really good approaching Old Stage. My HR was under control as I began the ascent. It’s rumored to be about a 15% grade and I got up with some strong effort and had to get out of the saddle at the top – I just couldn’t help it as I was wearing the Lime Green Print Wondergirl Dress on a pink bike. Some guys went nuts over that combo so I needed to show off ...remember, Fashion comes FIRST on race day. Encouraged Amy D as she made her way gracefully up Old Stage…was so fun to see her.

The rest of the course screams downhill and right before 63rd, I caught up with Jess. We exchanged obscenities (hey, she’s from the Cape – she can dish out as well as take it) and we pretty much rode all the way in together. I was about ¼ mile back from her.

T2 – a little better
Some shoelace difficulties – getting the damned stretch cordz or whatever… need to get out quicker. Perhaps I need to get read this book! So appropriate for T2.

Run – 10k (6.2miles)
Jess had a little lead on me (need some T1/T2 tips from her) and so I pushed it to catch up to her. My HR hovered at the top of z2 and that is where it would stay for the rest of the race. I could NOT get it up higher and push faster. Took me about 4 miles to loosen up and get my running legs under me. Jess was by my side the whole way and had she not been, I totally wouldn’t have done as well. I wanted to walk so bad. I have said this repeatedly but I hate pushing the run. Swim and bike, no problem. At any rate, we got to the finish chute and managed to cross at the exact time. It was great to have someone to suffer with.

Final time: 3:00:59
Swim 35:44
T1 3:11 (suck city)
Bike 1:24:01, avg 18.6mph
T2 1:32 (dawdle village)
Run 56:32, avg 9:06

2008 Results
Final time: 3:02:40
Swim 36:20
T1 1:49
Bike 1:25:04, avg 18.4mph
T2 1:09
Run 9:25, avg 9:25

So, clearly I knew what I was doing last year in transition. The Long Course is going to be soooo much better. One month away. Can’t wait! I love 70.3 so much better than the Olympic distance.

Was fortunate enought to talk to the Riley's after the race - all the way from England - they even went so far as to toast champagne to the HEPster Peaksters! They're amazing Brits and a very special part of my endurance family despite the miles between us! Can't wait to see you guys in Madison!!! After that, celebrated today’s PR with many friends and HEPsters at the Dickerson’s in the afternoon. Ate too much, drank too much and had too much fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about though...Finding the balance between Ironman Training and Life??


KK said...

Hey Kristina! (Katie Bell here) Just saw your blog update on FB so I thought I'd stop by. GREAT RACE yesterday! You are so funny with your transition descriptions "dawdle village" and "suck city" and the comments about the wine, love it! The run is my least favorite part of the whole thing too so I totally feel your pain on that.

Anyway, so fun to hang with you guys afterwards. I really admire your positivity and all your wisdom about endurance events. Plus you're hilarious and like red wine so Amy and I can't wait to hang out with you more. :) Cheers to a great race!

Aldi26 said...

Congrats on the great race Kristina! No worries on T1, if you're going to sport the Wonder Girl dress you gotta make sure you look good! :)

You're on a roll lately with great performances....keep 'em coming! :)

Mtn's, Tri's, and Dogs! said...

Hey, I want to talk to you about your bog, I am now blogging, like I had time to do one more thing... :-) I love your set up and can't figure out how you added things, I got the playlist thing on there, but how you have added images and set up the whole sections on yours, do tell when you get a chance!!!