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Redefining the word beautiful...one dirty, sweaty, bruised up mile at a time, with a few downward dogs along the way...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


This entire day was about adapting. At work, at home, during my workout. I woke up thinking I was going to have a simple day at the office and was going to stroke n stride tonight but then remembered I forgot to pay the entry fee and didn't want to pay the extra $5. Work was crazy busy with last minute projects and client requests. Changed my mind about my workout and thought, well, I'll just do my 3500m tempo swim at the pool after work. Then it turned into a pretty stormy afternoon so I thought I would tought it out and do my 13 mile endurance run. Mid-way through my run there was pretty crazy lightning so it turned into my 7 mile OD run. This day was a lot like Ironman. You wake up thinking the day is going to play out one way and then suddenly things happen and you have to make changes, and quickly. Goggles get knocked off. Calf cramps. Flat tire. Numb feet. Upset stomach. All these things could happen. None of them could happen. The thing you need to be is prepared for the worst, hoping for the best and knowing that you gave it 110%. I try to live each day like this. and sometimes, like a chameleon, I just want to disappear into the background and do my best to simply survive.

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